n order to enjoy the best of the KIRO experience:

If you have allergies or food intolerances, we recommend that you put it in our knowledge. We do not have vegetarian or vegan menus.

Given the number of diners and that the services begin, for all, at the same time, please punctuality and avoid continuous departures of the establishment during the same.

It is recommended not to go with children under the age of 8 and there will be no reservations with a baby carriage.

It is appreciated not to go with excess of perfume or to smoke before entering, since those aromas interfere with the smells of the food.

It is appreciated to maintain a moderate tone of voice, respecting the quiet environment and the rest of the diners.

You can take pictures of our dishes or the restaurant, but avoid taking pictures of other diners not belonging to your group. We respect your privacy.

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